Manish Arora Spring / Summer 2013

Splicing together the traditional and the modern is twice as challenging when you’re also merging East and West. Manish Arora gets it though. And his spring / summer 2013 collection didn’t shy away from making the references to his Indian heritage brazenly bold and far from subtle.

And it was that lack of subtlety that made the collection stand out, because you got the sense that Arora wasn’t holding anything back. These were less like typically Western pieces given small traditional twists, and more like traditional pieces reworked to appeal to a Western audience. There were the season’s favourite pastels and metallics, the kaleidoscopic prints in which tigers crouched in waiting; there were sheer leggings and foil leopard prints and heavily beaded dresses.

The Paris fashion week (PFW) show crescendoed in intricacy until models were exotic queens, glittering, sparkling neon, adorned with jewels.

It made one think of days when exotic places where yet to be explored; when the Indian woman with her lashings of gold jewellery was – to those in the West – just a whisper on a distant wind. There’s romance in the exotic, and with its unapologetic detail and fresh interpretation, Manish Arora’s spring 2013 collection was making the exotic exotic again.

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Also from this fashion show.


Photography by Imaxtree