Marissa Webb Spring / Summer 2014

Halfway to where the tomboy meets its utterly feminine opposite, Marissa Webb built her spring / summer 2014 collection by taking cues from her personal style. Edgy, powerful and tough at times, the lineup found a perfect balance in the luxe fabrics, the beautiful shapes and delicate shades of petal pink. It was a game of contrasts, of two different worlds clashing together ever so effortlessly.

Moto jackets, crisp blazers and voluminous blouses were kept in harmony by the string of floral dresses, tweed jackets and full skirts to have walked the New York fashion week (NYFW) runway as part of the same story. Envisioned for the real woman, in need of a not too costumey wardrobe, each of the garments was able to stand on its own before becoming part of the larger picture.

Between the fierce red and the cobalt blue, the flowy fabrics and the structured silhouettes, Marissa Webb’s collection captured the spring and summer spirit in a way that is able to gift women exactly what they need: toughness, femininity and a little bit of a sense of adventure.

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