Marni men’s hits the balance of quirky and wearable

We’ve entered a time where men’s fashion is embracing colour and print. And for Marni, that means an opportunity to shine.

For what else springs to mind at the mention of the brand than whimsical, off-beat prints and retro-inspired colours? At least for women’s. But if men are becoming more daring in their willingness to add patterned pants or clashing prints to their wardrobes, then Marni are given license to let fly a little. And for spring / summer 2013 they did that to just the right extent.

There’s something a little bit cool and unaffected about Marni’s spring stripes, which are printed on with a ‘brushstroke’ effect. Geometry and optical effects are also key to the prints, some shirts, suits and bags covered in an Escher-esque repetition of 3D cubes. There’s an insouciant cool factor, too, in pants that are designed to be rolled down at the waistband, and in some workwear-inspired pieces that hark back to the Marni men’s trademark of formal mixed with informal.

Technical details are the kind that are worth a look close up. Keep an eye out for collars and cuffs on shirts that have laser-cut edges and bonding instead of stitching, meaning they’re single layer and finished with a kind of crisp minimalism that defies traditional shirting in a very modern and wearable way. Also take heed of the brilliant use of layering: patterned shirts doubled under plain ones, revealed through rolled-up sleeves; cardigans with shirt sleeves layered over a different colour, giving the illusion of three layers where there’s only two. These are little tricks the Marni man knows well.

You can see all of the Marni spring / summer 2013 collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left.