Martin Grant Autumn / Winter 2013

Black, white, grey. That’s the Melbourne ‘uniform’. No surprise then that Melbourne-born designer Martin Grant plays to it, even as he continues to show at Paris fashion week. Seemingly you can take the boy out of Melbourne, but can’t take Melbourne out of the boy.

Or can you?

In a word, yes. Grant may have chosen autumn 2013 to offer up a collection whose colour palette was as subdued as the catwalk’s music (seldom do you attend a show where each model’s footsteps can be heard above its soundtrack) but he’s avoided it before. Cast your eye back to previous collections and you’ll be greeted by healthy doses of reds and fuchsias. Not his time around. Instead the subtlety of the core colours were generally accented only by nudes and midnight blues.

It’s not a collection solely of subtlety, however, and you’ll see plenty in the way of ruffles and pleats making something of mute blacks. The sheers are nice and the pleats better (it’s hard not to appreciated the bagged trousers whose pleats start at the top of the thigh) but too little of a statement could be made of them alongside to the collection’s safe (read: wardrobe essentials) tailoring. Where you might have hoped the collection would escalate in its elegance and poise, it instead veered into the realm of tailoring so safe you might call it office wear. A nice office accompanying a well paying job, but a safe office none-the-less.

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Photography by Imaxtree