Masha Ma: all in the detail

Simplistic, futuristic, feminine and sophisticated, these are the first few things that come to mind when you look at Masha Ma’s spring 2012 collection. On closer inspection, you see French scribbling, an extensive use of fabrics and structured lavishness. Ironically, the first impression doesn’t do it any justice because the collection has so much more to offer than just dresses.

Ma’s aesthetic for this collection is clear, her woman is confident beyond her own liking but isn’t flashing it with eye-blinding colours. Subtle shades of grey, white and navy divert the attention to the ruffles, cults, knife-pleats and fringes on each piece. The neat drapery around the hips and waist with layers of satin, georgette and crepe silk overlap each other and illustrate the lyrical aspect of the collection. So feminine, that there isn’t a single pantsuit or tuxedo-style shirt seen in the collection. It’s solely about dresses of all length with halter backs, panelled necklines and folded collars.

The spring trench also galvanises the runway, making it, once again, a vital statement piece for women’s wardrobes around the world.

To view Masha Ma’s spring 2012 collection, as seen at London fashion week, click on the thumbnails above.