Mondovi: glamorous even in sleep

Rarely does so much glamour get packed into so little fabric, as it does when Mondovi designer DoDo Leung puts thread to needle and designs a new collection. Though for a lingerie offering you’re still likely to encounter much more fabric than usual: Leung’s background in designing eveningwear shows through in volumes. Its in the sparkling embellishments, in the sweeping pleats, in the long-line shapes and robes and capelets that are made to make the wearer feel that they’re lounging around casually in some glittering palace.

While visiting Mondovi’s studio in Hong Kong recently we noted the potential of some garments to be worn as eveningwear; and we asked Leung if she had any plans to make what would seem an easy transition back to designing both. The answer was no; Leung’s energy will be poured into creating all things lacy and sensual as underwear only – for now, at least.

You can see all of the Mondovi spring / summer 2012 runway collection as shown at Australian fashion week (MBFWA) by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the fashion show.

Photography by Allan James Barger