Neil Barrett Spring / Summer 2014 men’s

The open air and seemingly endless column-lined runway felt right for Neil Barrett’s spring / summer 2014 collection: minimalist pieces marching off to architectural vanishing point. If there’s a certain art in finding balance between colour and monochrome, cleanness and detail, then you can bet on Barrett having struck it with nearly every piece. These weren’t flamboyant looks but they weren’t exactly generic either: you might say they’re for the guy who wants to keep it simple – and wants to stand out for it.

And to that end, Barrett’s Milan fashion week (MFW) runway was filled with Bauhaus-inspired geometric prints, sporty stripes and tailored short suits that were youthful and smart all at once.

The clean white looks were nice, but a bit too easy to overlook. Don’t, on the other hand, miss Barrett’s oversized red plaids and black and white prints. These stood out for the right reasons.

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Photography by Imaxtree