Peachoo+Krejberg Fall / Winter 2013: woodland creatures

Wet haired, fur-footed forest creatures; enchanted ones. So began Peachoo+Krejberg’s fall / winter 2013 show, this shaggy take on fur enrapturing boots like feathered hooves, and wrapping around arms. These were gorilla arms minus the jackets they used to be attached to: all the better now with bare shoulders.

Becoming more refined as the Paris fashion week (PFW) show progressed, this creature from the woods shed its winter coat and slinked out in opera length leather gloves and sheer dresses with appliqué that might have been a feathered pattern. Finally, her enchantment took full hold in sequins, burnished hues like precious metal from the earth. In backless leather corsets and shining sequin skirts, the woodland beast became the beautiful belle of the ball.

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Photographs are courtesy of Peachoo+Krejberg.