Philipp Plein Spring / Summer 2013

Philip Plein’s show space is such a nightclub mix of glittering and gaudy that you expect an alcoholic drink to be splashed all over your shoes at any moment. There’s the faux rococo backdrop – a kind of printed cardboard trompe l’oeil – and reflective surfaces covering pretty much everything else. It makes sense that Plein’s self confessed ‘irreverent’ style would take shape here in the form of a spring 2013 collection called ‘Pompadour Punk’.

Vivaldi gave way to a live rock band as model number 1 – Lea T, it transpired – strutted out in a sex-incarnate combination of hotpants, crop top, and a cigarette sensually sucked in slow drags. Further models sported the kind of combinations a show like this demanded: ultra skinny printed jeans, a hot pink leather jacket, blinding metallic clutches… And a general abundance of bling.

Madame Pompadour was one of Plein’s muses for the collection and the hair at the Milan fashion week (MFW) show was styled for its namesake – with a punk edge, naturally, making it literal to the show’s title.

Plein’s aesthetic isn’t for everyone, but much of it comes down to styling: there were plenty of pieces here that, alone, were elegant if not understated. But all that falls to irrelevance anyway because Plein’s aesthetic has a clientele, and you can’t imagine they patron his stores because they’re in the market for something understated.

So, if it’s bling-studded skull motifs and cutaway studded leather jackets Plein’s audience wants, he is all too happy to oblige. Where there’s a niche, someone will cater to it – and Plein makes sexy work of filling his.

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Photography by Imaxtree