Pringle of Scotland Pre-Fall 2013

Focused on a strong sense of everyday casualness, rather than a remarkable fashion forward appeal, Pringle of Scotland made it its priority to deliver women with a distinguished, yet fashionable warm wardrobe for pre-fall 2013, by placing comfort before edge, and tradition before innovation.

Struggling with the editorial approach after the departure of Alistair Carr, the fashion house didn’t strive too far outside of their comfort zone, although some efforts towards reaching a new level of refinement were definitely noticed. The ribbed knitwear made for one of the most astonishing elements featured in the basic line-up, and alongside the powerful outwear concept, assured the brand with enough allure and excitement for the season.

Pringle of Scotland left it to the polished leather and cashmere trenchcoat selection to delight and cover the timeless and flawless aspects of the collection, by perfectly capturing that undisguised quality of urban sophistication. With highs and lows, strong points and missed marks, Pringle Of Scotland’s pre-fall 2013 collection still managed to put a strong mark on the modern-day woman’s great sense of style.

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