Pringle of Scotland Spring / Summer 2013 men’s

Design director Alis­tair Carr gave Pringle of Scotland, the legendary luxury knitwear manufacturer, the farewell it deserved with his spring / summer 2013 collection for men.  Using a fairly restrained colour palette, the ex-Balenciaga designer created modern boxy silouhettes that fitted the general trend of relaxed tailoring.

Most clothes shown had an air of practicality, including knitwear with camouflage prints in various colours (as well as enlarged and abstract ver­sions of the Pringle dia­mond check)  and trousers with bold con­trast pan­els, which, as well as a sense of utility, also gave a certain (refreshing) excentricity to the collection.

Speaking of excentricity, it seems the Scottish house decided to enhance certain looks with a sense of sprezzatura(nonchalance). For exemple, the socks are always worn high around the calves, and most models used for the show were tatooed in obvious places such as the neck and the arms.

To make every piece more practical, zips replaced but­ton on cardi­gans and tops and the tailored pieces covering the ver­ti­cal striped shirts in mono­chrome were designed to be relaxed and unrestricting.

Sports­wear came in the form of leather biker shapes with zip arm­hole detail­ing and para­chute weight parka in white, and Punches of yel­low and tan­ger­ine lifted the muted and mono­chro­matic palette.

Shoe fans will, however, not find much to excite them as the collection only comprised very few pieces for our feet. Nevertheless, Pringle of Scotland was never a shoewear brand, and the rest of the collection definitely makes up for this small misgiving.

You can see all of the Pringle of Scotland spring / summer 2013 runway collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the fashion show.