Raf Simons fall 2013 men’s

It was the story of volume, redefined silhouettes and continuous fascination towards the art of mixing-up that got to be reinterpreted once more throughout Raf Simons’ charmingly diverse fall 2013 collection, unveiled on the Paris fashion week (PFW) runway. Down to earth and quite traditional when it came to the use of wool and cotton as main fabrics, the line-up turned out to be quite the opposite in all of the other departments.

Steering away from the elaborate spirit exuded by the slim-fitted and perfectly matching sillouethes, Simons found his answers in a looser aesthetic that felt less restrictive and far more liberating. That newly born sense of freedom was clear in the choice of extra long hems and cuffs. Abstract when it came to the graphic prints and pushing boundaries when it came to proportions, Raf Simons’ collection was probably everything you would expect it not to be.

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Also from this fashion show.


Photography by Imaxtree