Rally cars and careless layers for the cool Rag & Bone girl

You know that girl who everyone wants to be, because she’s uber-pretty and yet doesn’t bother with makeup; the one who makes being a tomboy look both sexy and natural, the one you’d call “one of the boys” and yet the boys all secretly have a huge crush on her? She might wear moto jackets and be daredevil enough to hop into the drivers seat of a rally car. Rag & Bone’s spring / summer 2013 girl definitely would.

That fictional girl is a cinematic stereotype, but for their New York fashion week (NYFW) show the Rag & Bone guys conjured her up and brought her to life. She had oil-slicked hair and a fresh face, she wore her shirt tails untucked and her buttons undone and she loved to layer fabrics. But she was feminine, too: even when her delicate sheer skirts had oversized utility pockets slapped across them, or when her lime green leather was carelessly and deliberately crackled.

Some of these bolder pieces wouldn’t work so well out of context, but then there were also pieces that jumped out as being sure-fire hits with the street style cool crowd: like a white leather jacket cropped above the bust and some laid back safari inspired pieces.

You can see all of the Rag & Bone spring / summer 2013 runway collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the fashion show.

Also from this fashion show.




Photography by Imaxtree