Reed Krakoff pre-fall 2013: elevated elegance

By taking inspiration from his own closet, Reed Krakoff faced the challenging process of reinterpreting menswear and giving it an entirely new purpose without once falling into the same old pattern that often leads to women’s androgynous clothing being little more than simplified versions of menswear. Krakoff’s personal take on masculinity was, however, more of a deep introspection that resulted in a tough pre-fall 2013 collection, speaking volumes about the flawless concept lying behind it.

The Reed Krakoff woman looks undefeated, yet extremely sophisticated, playing a game of hard and soft in her sleek rendering of the classic two-piece suit. Infused with a strong sense of athleticism, the pre-fall 2013 collection does more than justice to the female body by shaping new directions and playing upon smart elements of asymmetry.

It’s still a muted palette that effortlessly complements the powerful ensembles, with a lively gold yellow being the only hue hinting towards a slightly more dynamic take on the severe shapes. Reed Krakoff selected only the best elements of both feminine and masculine aesthetics to collide beautifully with the modern spirit of his collection.

It’s the elevated elegance, the effortless grace and an influential point of view what makes for a timeless collection, able to capture a woman’s nature in fresh and unexpected ways. Luckily, Reed Krakoff knows all about it.

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