Richard Chai Love Spring / Summer 2014

Richard Chai’s collections always feel a bit like an airy breeze stirring the leafy trees of a zen garden: there’s just something fresh, understated, and peaceful about the whole affair. For spring / summer 2014 he brought his trademark understated sophistication to sporty pieces that felt more yoga than weights room, lightweight seersucker and silk wafting by but never without a defined structure to keep it all together.

Chai’s girl had slicked wet look hair, as if she’d just emerged from a dip in an idyllic waterfall. Coupled with the metallic pieces near the end of the show, she became a sort of uptown siren, alluring but without really having to try.

The men’s looks, too, were light and airy, albeit with a more tailored construction, with fitted leather moto jackets injecting a hint of toughness. In white and with quilted detailing, the moto was a standout for both genders.

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