Rita Pateroni fall 2013

Rita Pateroni and her daughter Liana showed a collection that had the name of the Greek letter ‘Φ’. The designers wanted to connect mathematics, physics, art, sensitivity and elegance, and show how they get inspiration from every aspect of nature. The Athens fashion week (AXDW) show begun with minimal clothing. To the sound of classical music, we saw beautiful black and white dresses very simply cut, but made ​​in very special ways. Pockets and buttons were key points in the collection.

Later in the show, minimalistic lines gave way to plaid clothes sewn in earthy tones combined with lace. The plaid maxi dress with black lace over the model’s breasts ‘stole the show’. Beige was used in the collection to a large extent, and particularly this beige shade that looks to be vintage. Red and bordeaux also appeared and generally the whole show was very well balanced between the old and the new. Towards the end of the show we saw black dresses in soft fabrics so that seemed to spill over onto the body and embracing it beautifully. The show ended with spectacular maxi dresses made with lace or satin.

You can see all of the Rita Pateroni autumn (fall) / winter 2013 runway collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the fashion show.

Photography courtesy Rita Pateroni