Kapow! Comic book couture at Romance was Born

Cars crashed, choppers circled the arena and police sirens echoed from around the corner; and just like that, the audio chaos at Romance Was Born took every comic book lover’s breath away.

Scoring an exclusive sponsorship deal with Marvel comics, designer duo Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett took their spring / summer 2012/13 collection to new heights for Australian fashion week (MBFWA). Quite literally.

The friendship between superheros and fashion is a powerful one; they both obsess over the body, its transformation and identity. The dual identity in comic book superheros metaphorically correlates with Romance Was Born’s fashion story for this collection.

Going back into archives of seven decades, Marvel comics have a huge graphic impact on the collection without making it too literal and comically obvious. No superman logo in this one, as Romance Was Born transforms the nerd chic iconography to a dynamic, mysterious and subtle kind.

Collared shirtdresses and graphic tights put a contending stand for male heroes of Marvel namely Spiderman, Hulk and Avenger, and in return present a powerful and caped female crusader.

The silhouette is simple: structured shoulders, straight-cut dresses and high hemlines, but the sharp tailored peplums brought the ensemble to life. A mash up of psychedelic prints, sequined fabrics and beaded patchwork ticked all boxes for spring 2012 trends. The femme fatale vibe continued through the superhero palette: bright pinks, yellow, purple and green, it was a kaleidoscopic party of colours.

Before the audience could drift away into the marvel-ous magical kingdom of comics, underarm accessories screaming ‘BLAM’ and ‘RWB’ brought everyone back to the fashion-filled warehouse.

The hair strands channelled Annie Lenox’s orange-hued charm while make-up was anything but what Catwoman would do – striking, loud, crazy and bright.

With the recent release of already-blockbuster hit, Avengers, in ten countries, Romance Was Born couldn’t have brought out a more timely collection with such a fun concept. We’d say this is cross-promotion at its finest hour.

You can see all of the Romance was Born autumn (fall) / winter 2012 runway collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the fashion show.

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Photography by Allan James Barger