Sabatini White sleepy, seductive for Spring 2010

With a dreamy cover of 30’s classic Falling In Love Again, Sabatini White‘s RAFW (Australian fashion week) show began.
Models with hair in soft, cascading waves padded slowly down the runway with a sleepy sensuality, like purring kittens on a late morning hunt for milk. Before long the music upped in pace and the padding became prowling as tighter, darker, cut-away pieces found their way down the runway, followed by full-length sheer black lace pieces and some empire-waist tiered dresses that echoed a 70s free-love sentiment.

The dreamy, just-woken-up look also manifested in feminine yet sultry pieces that sat somewhere between lingerie and outerwear, rounding out a beautiful Spring 2010 collection.

For all the pictures from Sabatini White’s Spring 2010 collection, including detail photos, click on the thumbnails below.