Saint Laurent Pre-Fall 2013

Although black and white might not necessarily appear as the most inspired option if the general idea is to highlight a collection’s exquisite garments, there’s something about Saint Laurent’s pre-fall 2013 line-up that seems to have begged for a colorless presentation. Featuring star-singer and model Sky Ferreira, Hedi Slimane’s sophisticated vision got a rock-and-roll make-over this season, and the controversial result could have just divided the fashion world in two opposite camps.

On one side there’s those who find the darkly inflicted accents refreshingly cool, still sophisticated but hiding under a slightly edgier definition, keen on reflecting today’s fearless attitude and untamed spirit, two concepts that define the cutting-edge street-style aesthetic women seem to seek so stubbornly these days.

On the other front we find those who expected a full explosion of colors and prints instead of an array of all-black looks, and something of Saint Laurent’s old elegance instead of Slimane’s glam-rock interpretation. But as times evolve, fashion is bound to experience change and designer’s are fain to experiment and follow on their own paths. Even if those same paths lead to choices of leather, studs, see-through lace and bold sequins.

You can see all of the Saint Laurent pre-autumn / fall 2013 collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the collection.