Sharon Wauchob Resort 2014

You can’t describe Sharon Wauchob’s resort 2014 collection as being volatile, edgy and unexpected, without putting the accent right where it belongs: on the nontraditional use of glamorous elements that allows for each and every one of her garments to shine brightly before turning into a full-on luxurious statement. Beautiful pleats, exquisite detailing and delicate drapes make it all possible.

The experimental use of fabrics brought a sense of freshness to resort, exploring the contradiction between sheerness and thickness in a way that still feels relevant and new, despite it being done time and time again during the past seasons. A lace skirt unfolding below the knee, paired to a minimalist long-sleeved black blouse enforces the above statement.

Elegant dresses cut in loose silhouettes, two-tone pants and flawlessly tailored blazers, all carrying the same distinct feel resonate with the modern woman in search of the extraordinaire, even in a season as free and easy as resort.

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