Sinesia Karol Resort: understated pieces that understand women

It wouldn’t be unfair to sweep fashion-forward swimwear with a generalization of “overworked”, would it? A lot of the time when ‘fashion’ and ‘swimwear’ are used in conjunction, the result is often something jewelled, dazzled and anything but ‘swimable’. Even AAA’s would risk mortifying modesty slips with a slight shuffle on their loungers in those barely-there bathers — let alone the rest of us in the real world. When Sinesia Karol’s resort / pre-spring 2013 presentation came up, I barely screened the lookbook before naturally picking my swimsuit for the season from Seafolly.

Rocking up to the event, attendees looked less prepped than the usual ‘fashion swim’ crowd, and there was certainly something missing: over-applied bronzer. Sipping on their Soho Martinis whilst awaiting the mystery — she may have sent out invites, but she’s nowhere to be found on Google — people didn’t mind waiting (as you wouldn’t neither with a hosted bar in a sassy spot of Manhattan’s prime real estate).

Modeled on real girls (genetically perfect girls, but still) the collection looked ever the bit wearable, with fitted one-pieces, shaped swimsuits, and separates with actual support. Catering for those with anything more ample than an A-cup, from underwired bandeaus to cleverly cut onesies, Karol’s collection offered wearable options that not only looked good but would even allow for, god forbid, a quick dip. Speaking with Sinesia herself, Brazilian and true to her roots, the designer made clear her intentions: understated pieces that understood women.

Her wishes, worked. The result, an understated, understyled collection. No jewels nor gems, no complex cutaways, and no tassels to get tangled neither. Simple styles and flattering shapes— with no ‘minokinis’ in sight— plenty of flesh still flashed. Colours came in neon orange and magenta pinks whilst prints were based around orchids on white, accessorized with just a cuff or wrapped turban. Without the worry of dreadful geometry-tans that come with the territory of fashion-forward swimwear, this was a collection that you would want to wear.

You can see more from the Sinesia Karol resort / pre-spring 2013 presentation and look book by clicking on a thumbnail on the left.