Sportmax Resort 2014

In a pre-spring season defined by an overall sense of ease and a sportier vibe, fashion director Grazia Malagoli took a chance and steered the wheel in the opposite direction. Sportmax’s resort 2014 collection doesn’t go on exploring the depths of a fascinating destination, in fact it gathers all inspiration from Ron Jude’s photography book of American businessmen in the 1990, but that doesn’t make it less pertinent.

By reworking Wall Street’s pinstripe suit into a collection that melts the feminine and the masculine all together, Grazia Malagoli found a perfect balance of sharpness and chicness. A crisp blazer, a pinstripe handkerchief dress, alongside graphic knitwear and edgy leather accents gave off a strong sense of urbane. Clean, classic and strong, Sportmax’s line-up goes hand in hand with today’s confident attitude.

A bold orange tone and a print of comprised numbers, referring of course to Wall Street’s infatuation with digits, made sure the garments had that little extra punch that is meant to perfectly assort the composing underlayers.

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