Stephane Rolland Couture Haute Couture Spring 2014

It’s hard to imagine how one can craft such delicate yet deliberate shapes out of such weightless, diaphanous fabric, but Stephane Rolland did it. His sculptural shoulders, peplums and skirts were like petals scalloped and veined against the light. The only hardness was the addition of vinyl and varnished leather details, but they were hard in fabrication, not in mood.

The yellow hues that graduated through the Paris couture week lineup gave meaning to the collection’s title of ‘Solar'; in its essence the collection was luminous, warm and strong. Rolland’s strength in understanding movement is the one thing photos won’t convey, so you’ll have to take my word – or the word of any viewer there – that these gowns had a life of their own, as if rippled and rustled and raised up by invisible spirits. The closing gown – a sunset of orange that caped out and back like a set of wings aflame – ended the show on a beautiful high note.

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Photography by Imaxtree