Talbot Runhof Spring / Summer 2013

Johny Talbot and Adrian Runhof were initially inspired, for spring 2013, by photos of Detriot ruins – those vast and ghostly imprints of a city’s rise and fall. But if Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre’s photos of Detroit’s scarred bricks and shattered windows left their impression on the designers, it didn’t much show in the collection. There was beauty in these gowns, but it wasn’t of the crumbling, decaying kind.

Talbot Runhof’s Paris fashion week (PFW) show instead got lifted out of the ruins by memories of the label’s 20 year history. An upcoming book chronicling that very history got them thinking about the things the duo love best, and that just happens to be breathtaking evening wear.

On the runway they channeled that into sweeping gowns with geometric shapes, some black and white and graphic, some a vibrant royal blue. Detail got more intricate from there: lace, structured metallic leather, starry sequinned dresses in a burnished rainbow of muted tones.

If anything felt it could have stemmed from the seed the Detroit ruins planted, it was the ornaments of iridescent blue flowers – laser-cut from holographic material – that sprouted from the folds of black dresses like hope from the cracks in weathered stone. These outshone the sequins, figuratively if not literally.

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Photography by Imaxtree