Talulah’s kaleidoscopes of colour

If every girl’s dream this spring is to buy up on a wardrobe palette of pastels and neons, florals and digital prints, then the Australian design scene is the place to flock to. And Talulah’s offering is one that will causes many so inclined to swoon.

Designer Kelli Wharton was inspired by “kaleidoscopes of colour” while backstage at Australian fashion week (MBFWA) the hair and makeup teams looked to a sunkissed 1960s athleticism as the basis of bronzed skin and bed hair. The 1960s didn’t make a very obvious mark on the clothing, however, the athleticism did.

For those who like their dresses stamped with sexiness, Talulah’s shortest, most body consious pieces will be the ones of choice. For those who like their sex-appeal breezy and effortless, billowing blouses tucked into loose silk shorts will do the trick. And for those fence-sitting in the middle? Look to silk ankle-length dresses, cut out on both sides to the thigh giving the illusion of a long skirt over a short one.

Kelli Wharton jumped on the blogger-as-model trend to cement her affiliation with the feminine yet cool-girl aesthetic, with Nicole Warne opening the MBFWA show. In all Talulah’s collection played directly into the hands of springs trends rather than a defining story or theme, but when done with such youthful appeal that’s only going to help her label’s bottom line.

You can see all of the Talulah spring / summer 2012 runway collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the fashion show.

Also from this fashion show.


Photography by Allan James Barger