Temperley London Resort 2014

Impossibly beautiful and feeding upon Alice Temperley’s new found sense of restraint, the British designer’s resort 2014 collection reimagines the 1950s couture volumes in an offering brimming with romance and a predisposition towards evening lavishness. Spanning over coats in rich fabrics and gowns cut in compelling silhouettes, the collection explodes in delicate petal appliques and floral prints.

“An enchanted princess from the South of France who lives a charmed life and only ever wears beautiful clothes” was the undisputed muse lying behind Temperley’s new line-up and despite existing solemnly in the imagination, you can almost sense her delicacy, her beauty and strength in the opulent brocades, in the sheer sleeves and in the signature use of exquisite lace and dainty embroideries.

At times relaxed, at others plain formal, Temperley London’s vision for pre-spring is undeniably fit for the woman dreaming to morph into a princess, even if it’s only for one night.

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Images courtesy Temperley London.