Ter Et Bantine Spring / Summer 2014

The definition of womanly is a subjective and changeable one. In the realm of fashion, the mind might be drawn to hourglass silhouettes or figure-hugging pieces, but Manuela Arcari of Ter Et Bantine created femininity of a different kind with her spring / summer 2014 collection. Raw, frayed hems and firm shapes were symbols of a woman to whom earth is home. She was grounded, in other words, not the ethereal, unachievable vision that’s projected across so many runways.

Femininity found its place in belts that cinched in the waist. Structured shapes encased the body without ever clinging to it. A clean colour palette that ventured into fluorescence with vibrant teal and blue was a compliment to the fabric choices of textured cotton, silk toile, denim and patent leather.

Stripping things back to a ‘soulful essence’ may put a designer at risk of leaving things too bare. But there was rawness to Manuela Arcari’s Parisian debut – and in that, a kind of boldness.

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