Todd Snyder Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2012

A month from now we’ll probably baulk at the idea of featuring a heavy fall 2012 fashion collection, but given so little of the Northern Hemisphere has warmed to the coming summer and that the Southern Hemisphere is sliding into winter, warm layering is precisely what many a fashioniser is continuing to don.

Giving his take on this year’s final season, designer Todd Snyder has unveiled a men’s fall / winter collection.

It’s a collection that continues the Americana theme that Snyder established for his eponymous label and that he, as a designer, is known for. But while an American theme may carry over season to season, Snyder has left behind many of the motifs of his spring / summer 2012 collection. Gone is the nautical and the military appeal, replaced instead by something far more rugged, far more inline with the vision of modern masculinity that is also shared by the likes of Gilded Age. That rugged aesthetic, devoid of cliche motifs, also ushers out something we had hoped would become a hallmark of Todd Snyder‘s collections: its tailoring. Certainly, Snyder’s fall / winter 2012 collection has its tailored pieces, all with a relaxed cut of course, but the tailored elements that so pleasingly dominated his spring 2012 collection have all but disappeared.

You can see all of the Todd Snyder fall 2012 collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the collection.