Toni Maticevski Spring / Summer 2015

Toni Maticevski’s spring / summer 2015 collection is so effortlessly gorgeous that it doesn’t really need a story to support its otherwise flawless convergence of futurism and classicism. But once you get a hold of the concepts that Maticevski explored ever-so-creatively throughout his entire collection, you’re kind of left wishing to absorb and to know more. More about the notions of botanical metamorphoses, more about the woman who’s swathed in supple volumes and three-dimensional layered textures, more about what is the ultimate manipulation of natural beauty.

The Australian fashion week (MBFWA) runway witnessed both luxurious detailing, ultra-romantic hues and languid fabrics in linear and A-line silhouettes, as well as an avant-garde exploration of almost science fiction-like elements building Toni Maticevski’s line-up. Like delicate flowers imbued with artificial substances the garments gained an abstract quality, having the feminine and the futuristic colliding gently as if to create the most striking reaction. Ethereal and complex, the collection is meant for the woman who can imagine a place beyond her immediate reality.

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Photography by Matthew Wren