Trimapee lightens up for spring

Peruse our past coverage of all things Trimapee and you’ll see a running theme: black, black and more black. At this year’s MSFW (Melbourne fashion week) designers of this traditionally dark and edgy label, Peter Strateas and Mario-Luca Carlucci, decided on a sharp change in mood. Starting the show with a surprise opener of floating white and moving in to a colour palette that took in rust and dove grey, both the women’s and men’s outfits breezed onto the runway with a newfound lightness of both fabric and mood.

But change in direction as it may have felt, Trimapee’s spring 2011 collection didn’t abandon or betray the established brand; far from it. The essence of the brand is still there in the deconstructed elements, the layering, the way the men’s pieces are cut with dropped crotches and asymmetrical necklines and the women’s pieces are cut to be easy yet feminine in form. And as for the lightness – well, it is spring after all.

Photos of both the men’s and women’s outfits from Trimapee‘s spring 2011 collection as shown at MSFW can be seen by clicking on the thumbnails above.