Wind-blown updo at Vera Wang: hair how to

In women’s fashion, whenever masculinity is spoken of, designers leap out and profusely present an array of variations in terms of clothes. But when it comes to hairstyles, one can only get as masculine as displaying a bob-cut or some sort of an updo on a woman.

When New York’s darling designer Vera Wang presented her fall / winter 2012 show, she approached androgyny with a little careless naivety. Her woman had sparks of masculinity with a serious twist of elegance and ladylike grace. The front rowers saw sheer fabrics clash with organza and feathers, but backstage was another story. Models’ messy and wet-look updo looked boyish from front-on and a naively feminine from the back. This is a hairstyle of a kind where the more knots and flyaways you have, the better it is. It’s the mother of all wind-blown hair!

For Wang’s show, Paul Hanlon’s hair team created the runway look, and lead stylist Fredric Fekkai was kind enough to share the how-to steps with us.

Follow the steps after the jump and style this look at home.

  1. Apply large amount of mousse all through wet hair. Hanlon’s team used Fekkai Full Blown Volume Mousse for this particular look).
  2. Flip your hair upside down and blast a hair dryer from underneath. Run your fingers through them and let your hair dry completely.
    Once it’s dry, section the hair into three sections – starting from the crown of the head this the nape of the neck.
  3. Backcomb the hair in those three sections – so start back coming little sections from the nape till the crown of the head. Don’t disturb the sides or worry about parting at this stage.
  4. Once there’s enough texture and volume, take a section of hair from the middle of the head and tie a knot with the hair. An easy way to determine the ‘middle’ of the head would be where you’d usually tie a ponytail.
  5. Continue to tie knots all along the middle section of the hair until you get to the end (nape of the neck). Keep it as messy and uneven as you can.
  6. Roll the knotted section up the base of the head and secure with bobby pins. Again, pin it in a very messy manner with no strict rules.
  7. Brush the front of the hair backwards and simultaneously apply a thickening wax in backward motion.
  8. If there are any long strands sticking out, secure with bobby pins under the knotted section at the back.
  9. Spray hairspray all through the hair to hold the look.

You can see all of the hair and beauty pictures from the Vera Wang autumn (fall) / winter 2012 runway collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the fashion show.

Photography by Imaxtree