Viktor & Rolf short play for Fall 2012

People keep trying to tell me that fall 2012‘s androgynous streak has much to do with the undercurrent of depression flowing through a fashion industry still dealing with economic hardships. I wonder, then, what the same people would say of the noir theme prevalent in some of the leading collections of Milan and Paris fashion weeks? And what would they say of Viktor & Rolf’s sexualised interpretation of noir where, in a few instances, nothing was left to the imagination?

Some finger wagging and some tut-tuts might ensue. But to hell with that – nothing is for everyone, though it’d be hard to argue that Viktor & Rolf’s fall 2012 runway didn’t offer something everyone can opt to indulge in. Winter collections, courtesy of their need to sell outerwear aplenty, are great like that.

And Viktor & Rolf’s outerwear certainly stands out, easily offering more appeal than the opening voluminous looks which aren’t the strongest we’ve encountered for the season. Though the sole what-you’d-actually-call-a-suit offers up brilliant flair with its draped sleeves and split bell-bottoms, the sheers that followed on the runway easily dominate the story. At times they do so for their impracticality, at times they do so for their embellishments (fur trimmed tulle anyone?), and yes they do so for their their sexuality. But in a period of fashion where sheer is an evergreen trend, it wasn’t the all revealing sheers which felt sexiest but rather the high-waisted, dual-split mini skirts with a flash of stay up stockings peaking through. Quite often, hinting at what’s underneath, as opposed to showing it all off, is far sexier.

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Photography by Imaxtree