Vivienne Westwood fall 2013 men’s

It’s rare for show notes to make no mention of the clothing – or the show – but then Vivienne Westwood is not exactly known for being conventional. Her Milan fashion week (MFW) show was simultaneously a showcase of her fall 2013 collection, and a vehicle for her socio-political agenda: save the rainforests, stop global warming, vive le revolution.

Don’t expect a runway filled with placards though, it was still a show and not a protest. And it was a good show, models bad-boyed up in makeup cuts and bruises, marching out like a stream of storm clouds threatening to break, footsteps marking the beat of what was arguably one of the best runway soundtracks of the Milan season.

The boys were – to start – suited up in a way that was far closer to classic Dandy than you’d expect from Westwood. The ‘corporocracy’ she so vehemently denounces, perhaps she means to say, is a product of how we act and not how we dress? But it got progressively stranger as the music catapulted into The Heavy, clothes taking a turn towards rebellious streetwear, slogan-emblazoned, dripping layers of oversized houndstooth print, face masks shielding from pollution and the stench of a rotting world.

Those things aside, Westwood moved again into beautifully tailored pieces with their own twists like bold tartan suiting and some closing tuxedo numbers that mixed things up with relaxed pleated pants or a floral bow-tie and cummerbund. With the bell curve complete from tailored to street and back again, you could only really conclude one thing: Westwood may well be pushing a point, but you don’t have to buy her philosophies to buy her clothes.

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Photography by Imaxtree