Y Project by Yohan Serfaty fall 2013 men’s

The runway at Y Project was intersected by a V-shaped formation of chairs. Lit by a matching V of down lights, the models in the chairs looked eerily like the stuff of science fiction.

Often when a show aims for something meaningful and artistic – a kind of social commentary you can wear – it ends up being nothing less than confounding. But Yohan Serfaty’s fairly linear approach for fall 2013 was thought-provoking without being ponderously heavy.

As the show unfurled, the models got up one by one, paused and turned sharply to look at the leader, the male at the point of the V, before carrying on to the end of the runway. A small gesture but significant, it was a symbol of the social hierarchy Serfaty was representing through his clothes.

Outfits progressed from deconstructed to sartorial, leather gave way to tailoring. Each outfit was a step up on the allegorical social structure – yet despite the progression in aesthetic all outfits moulded still to Serfaty’s edgy yet refined aesthetic. The story ended with the leader getting up off his chair, only to find himself chained to it: social power, says Yohan Serfaty, is nothing but a grand illusion.

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Photography by Imaxtree