Yiqing Yin Haute Couture Spring 2014: Moth

There’s technical skill in crafting a couture piece, and then there’s another type of skill: the ability to evoke. Yiqing Yin paints her collections with the brush of an impressionist, her parade a fleeting vision of creatures you can’t quite name or touch but who haunt your dreams like enchanted spirits. Wide eyed and with softly careless hair, her spring 2014 models were woodland nymphs wrapped in fox fur and leather, in silk dresses that only skimmed the body, in sheaths of soft feathers. One model sported tattered, powdery wings, an entomological transformation most literal to the collection’s title of Moth. And, like the moth dancing wildly at the flame, every creature of Yin’s was fragile, ephemeral, and alive.

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Photography by Imaxtree