Zero + Maria Cornejo Pre-Autumn / Fall 2013

Despite admitting to her unconditional love for the laid-back tomboyish silhouettes, for pre-fall 2013 Maria Cornejo searched for ways to infuse her signature aesthetic with a little bit of femininity. Sticking to her point of view, the designer took on the challenge to make her new looks more ladylike, without loosing the effortless element that defined her work in the past. And luckily, she succeeded.

The Zero + Maria Cornejo woman will still be able to function in a dress, as the concept envisioned for her next season plays upon fluidity, belted waists and deep V necklines, all visually appealing and featuring no signs of constraint. Alongside the sheer elements, the pleated details and the intricate accents, there was still an equal amount of thought put into the masculine inspired garments, that obviously come more naturally for the talented designer.

Elegant cropped pants in dark hues, met an array of chic track pant reinterpretations, which as Maria Cornejo herself mentioned, stand for the luxe tracksuit in her unconventional pre-fall 2013 collection. A selection of powerful prints, amongst them an abstract black and white one, and another paying tribute to Bob Marley by evoking camouflage, perfectly complemented Cornejo’s delightful signature aesthetic.

You can see all of the Zero + Maria Cornejo pre-fall 2013 collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the collection.

Photography by Oli McAvoy. Courtesy of Zero + Maria Cornejo.