Pastel nostalgia at Zimmermann Resort

Zimmermann’s resort show sent me slipping into a blissful coma of childhood nostalgia. Not unlike other collections being shown at Australian fashion week (MBFWA), there was an inkling of the pastel-hued side of the 1980s; greens and berry pinks shimmering alongside eachother, florals, lace. Even the ‘old school rags’ hairdo by Goldwell reminded me of hours-long ringlet endeavours at the weatherbeaten hands of my grandmother, we girls always reluctant to brush out the perfect ringlets that unfurled from the ragged strips of fabric. My inner child loved Zimmermann’s rag hairstyle for that reason, but my adult self loved the fact that it was married into a punkish mohawk shape that was so softly defied by the shimmery makeup.

The thing about Zimmermann is that they’ve been doing this kind of thing for what seems an eternity, and yet they always manage to keep the balance between seasonal freshness and the brand’s DNA. A resort collection full of florals and pastels is not an uncommon thing, yet this one – with it’s mix of swim pieces and outerwear – was steeped through with the label’s innate desirability. Sporty details like racerbacks, mesh and luxe updates on the slouchy hooded sweater were so subtly injected they felt far away from the gym or sportsfield. Laser-cutting figured heavily into skirts, dresses, tops; set off against printed silks or sheer layers.

Like any Zimmermann collection Resort 2012 was feminine without being too pretty, clean yet detailed like the open white-walled surrounds of Koskela warehouse building in which the show was housed, and desriable on a level that piqued both one’s eyes and one’s mood. And that’s precicesly why we like it.

You can see all of the Zimmermann spring / summer 2012 runway collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the fashion show.

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Photography by Allan James Barger