Zuhair Murad Resort 2014

It is amazing to witness the concept of resort traveling from super-laid back to utterly glamorous so fast that actually makes it hard for us to completely follow through. Zuhair Murad isn’t exactly the one to dress you for the beach, but if you strive to impress at a red carpet event, a gala or a fabulous holiday party, you can almost never go wrong with picking one of his garments.

Under the spotlights is where Murad’s fluid, dream-like evening gowns would feel in their natural environment, but although the resort 2014 outing set them at the core of the collection, there were plenty of lean silhouettes in subdued colors that would make for beautiful daywear choices. Delicate blouses and dresses reinforced the idea of sheernees for day, while at night intricate beading, elaborate embroideries and floral appliques turned every garment into a walking vision.

Exquisitely tailored pants, diaphanous chiffon blouses and pant suits dipped in gorgeous nude tones, enriched with lace appliques, were a reminder that Zuhair Murad does more than just resplendent evening numbers.

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