While much has been said about just how on-trend their fashion offerings are, what really makes Zara’s presence in Australia unique are the prices at which they sell their goods. They’re cheap. Of course Zara are by no means expensive anywhere in the world, but in other countries they have competitors who sell at a similar price-point-to-quality mix. In Australia that’s not the case: Zara’s biggest competitors on the country’s high street are considered to be much more expensive.

How then will they all be perceived now that word of Zara’s first fashion sale in Australia has reached us?

zara sale

While we’re not yet privy to the discounts that will be available, we have learned that as of this Thursday, 7 July, Zara‘s Australian stores in both Sydney and Melbourne will temporarily transition into sales mode.

For customers that means bargains. For Zara’s Australian competitors, however, that means being further undercut by a retail giant who is not only generally cheaper but is also out marketing them. And both of those points may prove to be deadly for other high street fashion stores given it’s been revealed that the country’s fashion retail sales are down, and that Topshop is on its way.

To accomodate extra shoppers for this Thursday’s sale, Zara will open their doors at 9.30am and shan’t close them until 9.00pm in both Melbourne and Sydney.

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