6 easy hair tips for surviving summer

It’s enough for someone to whisper the word summer for an avalanche made out of nothing but beautiful images to occupy their mind in a matter of seconds. Amongst them: endless beaches, blue waters, never-ending nights, clear skies, sun-kissed skin. There’s no place for frizzy hair, or dry end problems in that delightful sequence of happy thoughts, and maybe that’s the way it should be.…

11 of the coolest boho wide-brimmed hats for summer

It seems nearly impossible at the moment to round off a great outfit without using a cool wide-brimmed hat as the ultimate accessory, and maybe that’s a good thing. Trust the right fedora to completely change your attitude this season by infusing it with the best of both bohemian, and western influences. After the break, 11 of the coolest wide-brimmed hats for summer, spanning from…