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Circus softness: L’Agent by Agent Provocateur lingerie

The lookbook has a circus theme, but there’s nothing over-the-top theatrical about the spring / summer 2016 collection by L’Agent by Agent Provocateur. Designed by sisters Penelope and Monica Cruz alongside designer Sarah Shotton, the collection features a gorgeous array of classic black lingerie, delicate pastel bra sets and the occasional lace bodysuit.

10 super-flattering swimsuits for a curvy figure

While the northern hemisphere is still bundled up in cozy layers, trying to get the hang of dressing fashionably for the cold, the southern hemisphere rejoices in summer’s warm temperatures, which means blue skies, beach days and on-trend bikinis, basically the stuff of dreams. And while seemingly uncomplicated, dressing for the beach often means figuring out the type of swimsuits best fitted for your body…

25 awesome accessories to gift this Christmas

If you’ve got winter on your mind, you’ve definitely got Christmas on your mind, and if you’re thinking about Christmas you’re not doing it properly if you’re not currently working on a wish list, one to be filled with all kinds of pretty things for you, and more pretty things to gift to all of the stylish ladies in your life. We’re thinking luxe on…

Agent Provocateur Holiday ’15 look book

Agent Provocateur goes to the snow for their holiday 2015 look book. It may not be the most appropriate weather for wearing sexy little nothings, but fantasy is all part of the brand’s package. Abbey Clancy stars as the ski-bunny muse of the imagery, which was photographed by Liz Collins.

Agent Provocateur A/W ’15 look book

You know you’re in for a visual treat when Ellen Von Unwerth gets behind the lens – especially when it’s for a lush lingerie brand like Agent Provocateur. The ‘Classics’ lookbook for fall / winter 2015 is sultry and sexy to the maximum, with delicate black lace, strappy bondage pieces, and cupless bras made modest only by nipple covers. And because Unwerth is at the…

6 lingerie styles and what they say about you

6 lingerie styles and what they say about you. Whether you’re aware of its power and you love to continuously reinforce its statements, whether you use it to enhance your natural beauty, to boost your confidence, to seduce or to feel comfortable at all times, your choice of lingerie has a lot to say about you. Below, we’re breaking down the 6 most prominent lingerie…