aleem yusuf


AYC Couture by Aleem Yusuf: the DARK EVOLUTION collection

We’re used to dressing according to the way we feel, even without necessarily realizing it at times. The garments we choose to put on have the power to reveal bits and pieces of what’s really hiding underneath the surface, particularly when they’re gifted with a story of their own. Mirroring the internal struggles between the highs and lows that humans go through on a daily…

Queen of the sea

These are not your regular gowns or accessories, bursting as they are with oceanic references and bordering as they are on wearable art. Handmade in Melbourne by Aleem Yusuf for couture line AYC, the tasselled bunches of phosphorescent white or teal are like sea anemones that have been plucked from their watery home. Strands of beads are coral coloured or made to look like black…