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10 breathtaking gowns from Paris fashion week

There’s something about Paris that inevitably pushes your thoughts towards the floor-sweeping gowns barely touching ground in their motion, towards the most elaborate of the embroideries adorning ethereal fabrics in their weaving of modern fairy tales, towards silhouettes so dreamy they appear to be crafted somewhere out of this world. In keeping up with the fantasy, the 10 most breathtaking gowns to have walked the…

Gothic makeup: how to rock it for fall 2014

The Gothic beauty trend that emerged on the fall 2014 runways feels like an open invitation to take on what is a beautiful fantasy and make it work within the realms of reality. Dark and dramatic, seductive and mysterious, sexy and unconventional, the sweetly feminine beauty look hiding an eerie edge can be made to complement countless characters with something as a simple as a…

10 women’s pieces you can buy now and wear into fall

As the fall 2014 fashion trends are slowly bearing down, there’s no better time like the present for those living in the northern hemisphere, to start thinking smart about their future summer purchases, more specifically about the way these purchases will eventually transition into autumn. After the break, we’ve put together a list of 10 trans-seasonal items that are more than appropriate for the hot…