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Is Interview Magazine glamorising binge drinking?

Maybe it’s a deliberate grab for attention via the thorny path of controversy. Maybe it’s a genuine attempt to call attention to an issue relevant to a generation of young readers. Or maybe Interview Magazine are just glamorising binge drinking (intentionally or not) in such a way that young girls are going to look at this shoot and think, drinking until I pass out must…

Anja Rubik graces Vogue Germany

Anja Rubik poses for the cover of the September 2013 issue of German Vogue. The Polish beauty stuns in a tomboyish hairstyle with an overall Prada look, from the fall 2013 collection of the brand.

Anja Rubik for Glamour Poland

Polish supermodel Anja Rubik covers Glamour Poland looking like a stylish seated barbie doll. Lensed by Marcin Tyszka, Anja poses effortlessly with her hair brushed back, a trendy biker jacket and mod inspired printed bottoms.

Anja Rubik covers Elle Russia

Supermodel Anja Rubik is but a gorgeous classic glamour beauty on the July 2013 cover of Vogue Russia. Anja is looking effortlessly fierce with her teased curls and smokey kohl-lined eyes.

15 jewellery pieces to make you look like a fierce jungle queen

It's a timeless fantasy: the woman washed up on shore turned fierce jungle queen, the sexy surviver with dishevelled beach hair and primitive fur pelts. It may be far removed from any reality, but isn't that the point? This summer, getting into the jungle queen spirit with arm cuffs and tusk necklaces, tribal rings and bold talon earrings never felt fiercer. After the break: these are the tribal-inspired jewellery pieces you need in order to be crowned queen of the jungle.