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Anna Dello Russo and the China blue dress

The blue-on-white print is as delicate as a china teacup, the lightweight fabric swirls around like a cloud. But Anna Dello Russo isn’t one to let a classic dress go by without a little edge, even if it is a dress by Dolce & Gabbana. Some Roman sandals and neon pink and turquoise jewellery were her additions of choice in Milan.

Street style: 18 ways to wear the classic black biker

You know how to go all off duty model with your black biker jacket, pairing it with skinny black jeans and black boots. And you know it’s the perfect thing to throw over a little spring dress when night falls. But if you hadn’t quite yet realised the full potential of this wardrobe staple, now’s the time: as these 18 street style pictures attest, you…

21 cool street style looks from Milan, day 3

Some participants of Milan fashion week, day 3, were going all out in army green lace or sheer black slips or, in Anna Dello Russo’s case, emerald green silk. Others played it low key in sneakers or jeans and sweatshirts. That’s the beauty of current fashion trends: they truly span the full spectrum. Resulting in plenty of inspiring looks, yesterday’s street style roundup can be…

Street style: 26 best looks from Milan, day 1

Milan fashion week only just kicked off yesterday, and already its upping the street style game. Hats and statement bags were the accessories of choice to take an already well-planned outfit up a notch, while Valentina Siragusa was winning in the shoe department with strappy gladiators that were a little more day-appropriate than Anna Dello Russo’s glittery retro platforms. As for the rest, you’ll have…

20 of the best: Paris street style

What constitutes a great street style look depends upon the occasion, the wearer, the weather… Sometimes it comes down to attitude or uniqueness or effortless elegance. From boyish culottes and ripped boyfriend jeans to polished tailored jacket and thigh high boots, Paris – as always – had plenty to offer. At the gallery, in no particular order, 20 of the strongest looks spotted on the…

10 street style moments from Paris

Clean white minimalism (courtesy Nicole Warn). Boyish tailoring (thank you Doina Ciobanu). Elegant safari (looking at you, Angelica Ardasheva). And of course, pom-pom hats, stiletto sneakers, patent leather ruffles and furry handbags (three guesses who stepped out with all of those). Yes, Anna Dello Russo. At the gallery: 10 street style moments snapped this week in Paris.