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From our Editors: Allan’s year in review

At some point in December I was going to hit a goal I set myself earlier in 2013: to have run over 200KM on the streets of Canberra. Though more on that later. In late 2012 there was some unexpected changes in my life. My partner got a new, much better, job in Canberra, moved it’s head office to the UK and for the…

Robin Thicke poses with naked babes – again

Everyone knows Robin Thicke as that guy who was lucky enough to have Emily Ratajkowski dancing around topless in his filmclip. Or maybe they also know him for his music, but whatever… It seems starring alongside naked babes is his forte, with the new issue of Treats! Magazine putting him at the center of a bevvy of them. See the uncensored version after the break.

5 punk-glam hair tutorials to try this weekend

The persistence punk fashion-gone-glamorous means more than just the right accessories; it means opportunity to play with hairstyles that marry the edginess of the punk movement with the femininity of the now. 2013’s hair trends may not be heavily weighted towards the punky, but that doesn’t mean faux hawks and faux shaved sides can’t fit neatly within your hairstyling repertoire this year. After the break,…

The best women’s street style looks from Milan

The menswear component of Milan fashion week may be a feast of well-dressed men, but let’s not fool ourselves: where there’s a gorgeous woman in an impeccable outfit – whether during men’s week or not – she’ll always turn heads. And so the female attendees from the recent Milan men’s spring 2013 shows garnered plenty of attention. From the androgynous to the ultra-feminine, from sporty…

Know, see, do, read: for the fashioniser’s weekend

Misquotations to quote during all those dinner party conversations (just don’t misquote the misquotations), animals you never knew existed, rare natural phenomenon and how to look great in photos. Plus in our weekend reads, the story behind the real-life Bling Ring and how Sarah Burton became fashion royalty. After the break, a fashioniser’s guide to the weekend.

She don’t need love… but she’s going to get it

Anna-Christina Schwartz has the air of someone strong, sexy, independent… desirable and desired, wanted but not left wanting. She’s the woman who may have been scorned, but picks herself right back up, leaving her ex-love to regret that he ever let her go. If that sense wasn’t already perfectly conveyed by Mohamed Gaff’s strong and high contrast black and white photography and Lida Lund’s sumptuous…
Don't Need Your Love by Mohamed Gaff
Don't Need Your Love by Mohamed Gaff
Don't Need Your Love by Mohamed Gaff
Don't Need Your Love by Mohamed Gaff
Don't Need Your Love by Mohamed Gaff

Free People ‘Sidewalk Safari’ May ’13 look book

Free People are awfully good at theming each of their collections, without ever leaving their boho aesthetic behind. Sometimes this can result in new thematic hybrids: boho-romance, boho-grunge, boho-safari. The latter is their latest may look book starring Aline Weber, merging the on-trend themes of the neo-bohemian and the desert queen.