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11 ridiculously dreamy fashion photos that will get you in the mood for spring

11 dreamy fashion photos that will get you in the mood for spring. A gentle sun that paints everything golden, beautiful blossoms in all colours and shapes, warm air that whispers of new beginnings, and the ease that comes with knowing that the cold and its layers are now part of the past: for these reasons and more, it’s impossible not to fall for spring,…

Models off duty: yesterday in Paris

You can’t blame models for wearing lots of black, lots of fur and the odd quilted puffer jacket during the cold that is Paris fashion week. They make pretty much anything look good, after all. And that’s what makes off-duty model style so fun to keep watch of. Whether it’s an elegantly simple outfit of all-black, balancing skinny pants with a voluminous fur, or a…

Anna Selezneva for Pierre Balmain: weekend watch

Brisk, repeated loops of footage played against a rhythmic, mystery-invoking soundtrack make this spring 2013 video from Pierre Balmain oddly captivating. Anna Selezneva stars with an anonymous male figure – a hand here, a shadow against the swimming pool there – perhaps it’s his eyes we’re seeing through. Either way Selezneva is the center of attention in a micro-mini skirt and pointed stiletto pumps, running…

Anna Selezneva is banging

With the fall 2012 fashion season looming, many old media titles are putting their print versions of runway photos on newsstands. Seldom are runway photos enough for the cover, however. For their August 2012 catwalk supplement, Vogue Russia have turned to a banged Anna Selezneva.

Winter styles that are Hunkydory: Anna Selezneva

Hunkydory’s company philosophy of “always looking for a new angle, ever changing but keeping the style and being recognizable” is one that nestles easily into the concept of Scandinavian design. The Swedish brand’s autumn / winter 2012 campaign shows a collection that brims with the kind of youthful, effortless yet still detailed aesthetic they adhere to. It doesn’t revolutionise though – there’s nothing particularly new…
Hunkydory A/W '12 Campaign
Hunkydory A/W '12 Campaign
Hunkydory A/W '12 Campaign
Hunkydory A/W '12 Campaign
Hunkydory A/W '12 Campaign
Hunkydory A/W '12 Campaign
Hunkydory A/W '12 Campaign

Anna Selezneva, scars and all

The number one way to console ourselves when we make a permanent dent in our own exterior is to convince ourselves that people aren’t really all that dissimilar to rustic furniture; a few character marks actually make us more interesting. But often as a model such things as scars – even birthmarks, moles, character lines – get the once-over with the the kind of healing…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

Aline Weber runs for it

She was the second model I’d seen running this Paris fashion week. The first was Anna Selezneva leaving Balmain’s fall 2012 showing – Anna ran away from the street style photographers as fast as her immaculately toned legs would carry her. Aline Weber was the second.