9 perfect playsuits for summer

Sported by festival-lovers, adored by fashion enthusiasts, and highlighted all over the spring 2015 runways, the playsuit is that one summer staple that oozes of effortless cool, at all times, regardless of scenario. Making for a practical investment piece and reimagined in countless shapes, fabrics, prints and colours, the playsuit embraces easy sophistication and subtle sex-appeal for the season. Make the all-in-one style your go-to-piece…

9 gorgeous models who are defying industry body image standards

Size sexy and the perfect kind of curvy, these are the models who are fearlessly fighting to redefine the industry beauty standards. Proving once and for all that beauty is beyond size, these statuesque stunners challenge society’s perception of what’s acceptable in the industry and in the world, on a daily basis. A look at their gorgeous figures should suffice in making it clear that…

25 of the coolest on-trend summer jewellery pieces to shop now

Bohemian to cowgirl-chic, silver to gold, minimal to statement, edgy to sophisticated, there’s plenty to choose from when it comes to adding to your summer outfits with the ultimate on trend jewellery pieces. This season, make sure the final touch is the one that fits you best. Below, 25 of the coolest on-trend summer jewellery pieces to shop now.

11 ways to make a simple white tee look ultra cool this summer

Treat your basics like your most treasured possessions because during summer is when they go on full duty, infusing your wardrobe with effortless style and playing up versatility for you to look perfectly cool at all times. King of all basics, the simple white tee makes for the whole case and point. If you thought wearing it makes an outfit feel too plain or look…

The 6 summer footwear staples every man needs to know

Hand in hand with the much awaited summer season come the rising temperatures, and with them the scorching heat, which for a gentleman’s wardrobe can only mean a return to all things light and easy: weightless fabrics, breezy silhouettes, summer suits and most importantly, comfortable, breathable footwear. After the break, we cover the 6 summer footwear staples every man needs to know and own for…