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After Richard James

Day 2 of London Collections: Men brings more menswear, more models. This shot was taken just after the Richard James show; a pair of aviators, a pork pie hat and a cigarette comprising a typically cool set of off-duty model accessories.

Infographic: how to tell a celebrity by their glasses

Despite being an (almost) lifelong myopic, I still find glasses difficult to buy, and certainly can’t say I’ve ever found a ‘signature’ style or pair. Spectacle styles come and go, as do sunglasses styles. But some people in history and culture make a trademark out of one or the other, turning a pair of glasses into a recognisable, iconic piece of themselves. Steve McQueen’s Persols.…

How to pack for the long haul: carry on luggage

Long haul flights are bastard things, of this I can assure you. Having lived in Australia, I’ve become adept at such flights. And not the kind of long haul that sees one fly from London to New York, but rather the ‘across the world’ kind, Melbourne to London, 24 hours sat in the same seat. 24 hours where you run the risk of being the…

The jetsetting male

It’s a male literary archetype desired by many but perfected by few, epitomised best in Ian Flemming’s James Bond. He’s a jetsetter, the man who’s tough and yet refined, who lives life with equal parts adventure and luxury. In another new shoot for Fashionising.com, photographer Kelly Defina set about creating a vision of that desirable lifestyle. Model Zac J is dashing in a sharp suit…
Zac J by Kelly Defina for Fashionising.com
Zac J by Kelly Defina for Fashionising.com
Zac J by Kelly Defina for Fashionising.com
Zac J by Kelly Defina for Fashionising.com
Zac J by Kelly Defina for Fashionising.com
Zac J by Kelly Defina for Fashionising.com
Zac J by Kelly Defina for Fashionising.com
Zac J by Kelly Defina for Fashionising.com

Spring 2013 fashion trends

Spring is arriving in the northern hemisphere, and with it the chance to update our wardrobes with fresh new pieces that are in line with 2013′s fashion trends. And while it’s up to you as to how you choose to interpret and adapt the trends to suit your own personal style, that doesn’t mean we’re going to leave you short on guidance and inspiration. And…

Cacharel’s Fall 2012 aviator

Over the course of a decade the military fashion trend was greatly explored, but it’s not easy to say the same of one of the aviation fashion sub-trend it inspired. Sure, Burberry might have done much to focus everyone’s attention on it with those collars, but set the world on fire the look did not. And it won’t again in fall 2012. Yet for those…

London calling

What’s not to love about this shot: there’s the framing and composition by Mr Newton, which has an odd sense of symmetry and harmony between the red handbag and red telephone booth, the greys of the dress and the silver of the armour on the poster next to it. There’s the gorgeous subject of the photo. And then there’s the ease with which a pinned-under…
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Pretty tough

The sexy edge of sheer black and motorcycle leather, feminised by floating black pleats. Add some slicked back hair and aviator sunglasses and you have a look that’s tough and pretty all at the same time.
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The Stockholm uniform

Having spent time in 13 different cities this year I can say without a doubt that those with the strongest cultures develop something of a trademark sense of style – a uniform, if you will. In Paris that trademark leaves young Parisian girls able to do their eye makeup with far more collective perfection than anywhere else you can travel in the world. In Florence…