Rita Ora: Balenciaga + Bally

There’s an art to be mastered when it comes to looking casual and yet luxe. Rita Ora knows it, spotted in London this week wearing Balenciaga‘s Take A Weird Trip sweater and carrying a Bally ‘Piaffel’ Perforated Bag for an off-duty look.

Men’s hiking boots: authentic styles for the urban adventurer

Dropping a grand on a pair of designer ponyhair 'hiking' boots that'll have you sprinting for cover at the first sign of rain won't exactly scream of toughness and adventurism. Opting for a sturdy, functional pair that'll let you traverse the urban jungle like you mean it on the other hand, will. To look like you're ready (and willing) to face any outdoor challenge for fall 2013, these are the pairs of men's hiking boots you'll want to get.

Bally conquers Everest… and your winter wardrobe

There’s a reason why the word ‘conquer’ is often used in relation to Mount Everest: a height like that is more than a mere climb. It’s a battle with the elements, a fight against the freezing cold temperatures, a war against the temptation to succumb to pain and give up. Doing that climb takes mettle, but also the right arsenal. Little do many people know…

The Bond Girl dress you can buy: Skyfall

Many movie costumes are custom made, such that the closest thing you can get to owning them yourself is a chance purchase of something similar, or to have your tailer whip you up a copy. But the James Bond franchise is as much about capturing the zeitgeist as it is about gadgets, girls and guns. Look back at the Bond films through the decades and…

5 things to do for James Bond day

James Bond day isn’t something celebrated every year. But this year is doubly special for Bond fans globally: it’s the anniversary of 50 years of James Bond, and there’s a new film soon to be released. With Skyfall hitting cinema screens later this month, it’s time to stop and indulge in a few Bond-themed activities. Here are 5.

Man-style shoes for women: a time-travelling device in the world of fashion

With British shoe artisanship being at its best this year many a style of shoe, such as Dr Martens and brogues, have been adapted to fulfil a feminine clientele. This year these traditionally British shoe brands have supplied the demand and branched out to create various interpretations of the female equivalent of male dominated shoe designs; breaking the boundaries of man-woman fashions and resulting in…

Sneakers for the fashionable Olympics spectator

Yes Olympic fever (nowhere near as ghastly as Bieber fever) has hit’s London office. Finding the fashionable remedies hasn’t been quite as easy as you might think, however. Sure we brought you the best Olympic themed fashion photo shoot and followed up on the vintage Olympics theme by way of the John Smedley x Umbro recreation collection, but truly fashionable Olympic fusions have been few…

Miranda Kerr: from a campaign to the street

Such is the value of street style to brands that most fashion houses liberally give away their next season clothes and accessories to the models who have just walked their catwalks. That value is seen more than two-fold if the model in concern catches not just the eye of street style photographers but also the paparazzi. Hence models such as Miranda Kerr don’t simply front…

Anna Dello Russo brings her crazy style to H&M

If you’ve ever looked at Anna Dello Russo‘s intense and somewhat flamboyant sense of style and wished you could replicate it without having access to every forthcoming designer collection and a wardrobe of 4,000 shoes, then your chance has just arrived. Dello Russo has created an “over the top” accessories collection for retail chain H&M.